Panini and Wraps

Panini - 7.99 each             Wraps - 6.99 each

Choose one Meat:

Roast Turkey

Grilled Chicken

Mediterranean Tuna

Honey Ham

Skirt Steak (add 2.00)

Choose up to Four Fillings:

Provolone,Cheddar, or Mozzarella Cheese

Plum Tomato                   Sun-dried Tomato   Bermuda Onions             Grilled Zucchini         Roasted Peppers               Bacon                       Hummus                           Basil Pesto                 Avodaco                           Red Leaf                     Arugula                            Portabello



Spinach, tomato, Plain or Whole Wheat


Multi-grain, Ciabatta, Baguette, Flatbread, Gluten Free (add 2.00)

We recommend Approximately 1 wrap/1panini per 2-3 people

We also offer. . . . . . . . . . .

Sweet Potatoes with Pecans        and Honey Dijon.

   Chicken, Sundried Tomato, Spinach and Provolone Panini 

Chicken, Avocado,

& Fig Wrap

    BBQ Bacon Wrapped           Turkey Meatloaf

           Garlic Broccoli

  Wild Caught Filet of Sole And Tortelliini Pesto

   Roasted Brussel Sprouts

  Feel free to call chef Michael at 845-547-2427              to discuss any special catering requests.

      (Our Holiday catering menu is on another page)

     Roasted Cauliflower

Catering Menu

Artichoke and Pear Tomato Salad 


                     39.99 per tray (serves approx 10 people)

Choose Your Favorite Style:     Roasted, Sauteed or Steam

Dressed With:       Balsamic Glaze, Lemon, Garlic & Oil, Honey Glaze or HomemadeVinaigrette

Beets                                Broccoli                        Butternut Squash                  

Spaghetti Squash          Braised Cabbage           Carrots                      

Cauliflower                      Eggplant                      Green Beans                 

Mushroom Blend           Kale                               Zucchini

Red Potatoes                  Yams                              Lima Beans                       Brown Rice                  Brussel Sprouts (add 6.99)              

Broccoli Rabe (add 6.99)               Spinach (add 7.99)

Swiss Chard (add 7.99)


     Kale Salad With Walnuts,  Oranges and Citrus Vinaigrette


 Cucumber and

  Tomato Wrap

  Roasted Butternut Squash

  Wheatberry and Kale Salad

                     Special Sides

39.99 half tray                                   49.99 half tray

Red Apple Coleslaw                          MediterraneanTuna 

Garden Pasta Salad                        Avocado Salad

​Kale Salad                                       Artichoke & Tomato Salad

​Sweet Potato and Pecans             Braised Chicken & Cabbage

Wheatberry & Kale                        Basil-Parm Chicken Salad

Rattatouille                                      Shrimp & Roasted Red     Sour Cream Potato Salad                          Peppers (69.99)

Quinoa Stuffed Acorn Squash 


39.99 per tray (serves approximately 10)

Choose any pasta with any sauce combination


Cavatelli            Rigatoni              Penne

Bow Ties           Baked Ziti          Tortellini (add 5.99)

Ravioli (add 9.99)


Pesto                          Garlic                     Garden Vegetable

Sundried Tomato      Alfredo                   Marinara

Bolognese                  Provencale

          Faroe Island

     Lemon Garlic Salmon

 Asparagus, Parmesan Frittata

               Coleman's All Natural Chicken

                      Choose Your Favorite Style

BBQ                     Lemon Pepper

Francese              Parmesan

Piccata                 Herb Roasted

Cajun                   Marsala

Jerk Style           Wings (Half Tray) Buffalo,BBQ,                                                                                  Spicy Thai, Honey Garlic                         

           49.99 Per Half Tray (Serves Approx 10 People)

Lemon Garlic Salmon - 8.99 each                     Chili - 39.99       

Stuffed Peppers - 5.99 each                              Chicken Fingers - 39.99

Wild Caught Filet of Sole - 7.99 each               Mac n Cheese - 39.99

Cod Provencal - 59.99 half tray                       Veggie Burgers - 5.99 each

Pistachio Pork - 59.99 half tray                      Black Bean Burger - 5.99 each

Potato, Onion, Cheese Frittata - 3.99 each     Meatballs - 39.99

​Spinach Mushroom Souffle - 3.49 each         BBQ Baby Back Ribs - 69.99 half tray

Roast Pork Loin - 59.99 half tray                   BBQ Pulled Pork - 59.99 half tray

Chicken Pot Pie - 4.99 each                            Spinach Mushroom Souffle - 3.49 each

​                                   (Half Trays Serve Approx 10 People)